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Reasons to Sell Your Home Fast in Clearwater, FL

Locations like Clearwater, Florida, may seem like the perfect spot for fun in the sun, but there are definitely some trade-offs you’ll experience as a homeowner living in a humid subtropical climate.

Stormy Weather

According to the Florida Climate Center, Florida is generally known as being the thunderstorm and lightning capital of the United States. Some parts of the state can see an average of stormy weather up to 80 days out of the year.1 Storms are notorious for expensive damage. Aside from flooding and damage to the exterior caused by hail, when lightning strikes a home electricity can pass through the home’s wiring causing many problems. Homeowners insurance itself in Florida can also be expensive. And, while the state of Florida does require home insurance policies to cover some damage during a storm the National Hurricane Center dubs a hurricane, often other types of repairs are NOT covered by standard insurance policies. That’s when you find out the true cost of home repair. Some reports show that the national average for the cost of hail, wind, or storm damage runs around $7,200. Costs in the typical range can even go as high as $12,000.2

High Humidity

Places like Clearwater have months with very high humidity, mainly June through August. Excess moisture in the air can be a homeowner’s worst nightmare. Mold and mildew tend to run rampant which can lead to health concerns like allergies or even make existing conditions like asthma even worse. Wet weather and high humidity also can lead to rust and fungus on water pipes and toilet tanks, further upping those home repair costs. Feeling overwhelmed about the cost of home repair in the sunshine state? Many homeowners have found relief from crippling repairs by utilizing HomeGo. HomeGo buys properties in any condition, saving you thousands in home repair dollars. All you have to do is visit our website to start a quick 3-step process. First, you give us a little information about the property you want to sell, then you schedule a ten-minute walk-through with one of our licensed real estate agents. All that’s left is to accept our cash offer and start shopping for a new—and more Florida weather friendly—home of your dreams. Sell your Clearwater, FL house fast by getting in touch with us today!


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