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The housing market changes fast. With the rapid rate of growth experienced by Austin over the last 18 months1., there is no denying that Texas is changing and growing when it comes to housing. There are many reasons why it is a good time to act sell your Schertz, TX home.

Proximity to San Antonio

While not the same size as Austin, San Antonio is still a large, busy area of Texas, and in 2017 experienced record growth in home prices2. This growth is expected to continue into 2018, but there is also a shortage of houses3 on the market to meet the growing population, urban sprawl and natural growth of the city. This means people are looking just outside the city, in areas such as Schertz, TX to find a home instead. With a less than 30 minute commute between the two cities, Schertz offers the perfect solution as it is less expensive in terms of housing prices, but also has the transportation network to support the commute, either by road or public transport.

Economic Support

San Antonio is rated as one of the “10 Big US Cities with the Fastest Growing Economy,”4. and when the people that support that economy live outside the city, the drive is big for government to offer enough infrastructure, roads, and schools to support a growing population which feeds the city’s success. So far it is stacking up and residents of Schertz are showing economic success in return, with an average income of over $ 000, and 83% owning homes5. In other words, the money is there and people want to own homes in this area, and now it is up to you to act now and get your home on the market to sell it fast in Schertz, TX and meet the growing housing demand. The market in Schertz, TX is ready to take in more homes, and the people are ready to buy them. With this perfect scenario, why keep your home and have the unnecessary expense? Act now and get ready to sell your house fast in Schertz, TX, by contacting HomeGo. We will take care of all the details and paperwork, and leave you with a stress-free, successful sale of your home.


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