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The Good, the Bad and the Ugly: Some Reasons to Consider Selling Your Pflugerville, TX Home

In 1966, a spaghetti western with a catchy soundtrack was released to audiences fascinated by the Old West and the American Civil War. The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly is a tale of searching for hidden Confederate gold and the violence that goes along that. Texans know something about the Old West and the strong personalities that lived in the real pages of history. Our heritage is unique and full of a variety of stories that reflect the good, bad, and ugly of America’s past. Today, Texas is home to a wealth of businesses, arts, and culture. The city of Austin has grown in popularity in recent years, and so have opportunities for long-term residents of suburban communities like Pflugerville. With the growth has come some unwanted changes, though. Here’s the good, bad, and the ugly aspects of home ownership and why this may be the best time to sell:

The Good

Pflugerville has a lot going for it. Its proximity to Austin makes it a prime location for lower costs for housing, an escape from the noisy downtown atmosphere, and a place where businesses have room to expand and grow.

The Bad

Pflugerville residents saw lower annual tax rates in the early 2000’s due to higher sales tax revenue. But in 2015, the city increased property taxes to help with the rising costs of transportation and parks1.

The Ugly

Those whose finances have been seriously affected by the tax hike since, along with the recent economic downturn, have few options to quickly turn things around for the better. Selling property makes sense if you can’t afford to keep it, but listing with real estate agencies and waiting for marketing to take effect can be time spent that you simply don’t have. The experts at HomeGo understand that you need to sell your Pflugerville, TX house fast, and we can make that happen in as quickly as a seven-day period. Just use our click, meet and move method to get the ball rolling. You schedule a convenient time for a 10-minute home walk-through, and we make you a cash offer. It’s that simple. Take the bad and the ugly out of life and start enjoying the good! HomeGo is your source for turning your luck around and going for the gold. Contact us with your questions today!


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