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This Is Why Your Home in Georgetown, TX Isn’t Selling Quickly

Has your home been listed on the market for months with no luck? Some sellers1 have a hard time scheduling showings, while many have had several seller previews but no offers. In a seller’s market, it can be frustrating when your listing isn’t catching any bites – especially when you need to sell your house fast in Georgetown, TX. Here are a few reasons why your home might not be selling.

It’s In Need of Repairs

Buyers want the most house for their money. If your home isn’t in tip-top condition, you’re going to have a hard time attracting prospective buyers. Often, homeowners don’t want to shell out the cash for a renovation that they won’t be able to enjoy. This is particularly true for costly repair work like foundation issues or mold. While it’s hard to part with the money to overhaul your home, this also makes it hard for buyers to see themselves living there.

It’s Priced Too High

In a seller’s market, there’s a high demand yet a low supply. While this means that many homeowners are able to sell their home for a profit, it also means that many take advantage of the situation. Pushing the asking price too much will turn off people who might want to buy. However, this also means you need to be willing to negotiate the price – often a long process that many don’t look forward to.

You’re Not Using the Right Marketing Techniques

It takes several different marketing efforts to sell a home. Listing a property in the classified section of your local paper is no longer enough. Homeowners who are serious about selling their house quickly should be looking into methods like posting virtual tours, hosting open houses on the weekend, creating four-color flyers and mailing postcards to the surrounding area. However, this is often more work than many homeowners have the time to handle.

You Hired the Wrong Real Estate Agent

The best real estate agents2 are personable, experienced, honest, and hardworking. You’ll want a professional who has been in the real estate business for several years and has an excellent track record for closing on deals. However, finding the right agent can be tough, especially when you consider that these professionals require a 6% commission based off the final selling price of your home. Fortunately, HomeGo doesn’t worry about any of that. They don’t require a formal home inspection or penalize you for repairs. In fact, they buy homes in any condition – even homes with foundation problems.


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