Extras to Ask or Negotiate For

Are you relocating for a job? If so, your business may be able to give you some nice incentives and tools to ensure the process goes well. Relocating is expensive, but with a relocation package, it may be easier to manage both the time component and the costs related to the move. As you consider the opportunity, be sure your employer is giving you enough of the incentives you need.

There are a few key types of relocation package features you may want to ask about and even insist on as a requirement of the move. These can help make the process more efficient for you while also ensuring you don’t lose money on the move.

Immigration Assistance

Perhaps the most important component of your international move is managing the immigration process. Companies specializing in relocation package may be able to offer assistance here. This includes helping you to learn what immigration into the country you plan to live in means for you. The process can be time-consuming as well. Getting help for this can speed up the process by eliminating confusion.

What Are You Canceling?

Many times, there are hidden costs associated with the move. These are things you did not think about before you made the transition. Ask for the relocation package to consider these fees as a cost of the process.

Memberships to a local country club?

Cancel your child’s membership in a Montessori school?

 Pay a fee for your utility costs?

Other subscription services you’ve signed up for?

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Miscellaneous Stipend

One key way to work with your employer for relocation is to ask for a stipend of funds to help you. Whether you are driving across the country or moving to a new country, there are going to be costs along the way that add up quickly. This includes everything from buying furniture to paying for homeowners’ association fees at your new location.

Family and Spousal Assistance

Most often, relocation means the entire family moves, but that’s costly for all involved. If your spouse is working, will he or she be off work for some time trying to find a new job? Will your family need financial support during this time? Ask for it to be a part of your relocation package.

Childcare Assistance

Do not overlook this key cost. If you have family caring for your kids now, or they are in a daycare setting, you will need to find new resources. This can be one of the most expensive components of moving your family if your children are young.

By working with your employer and the relocation package provider, you should be able to get more of the financial support you need to make this transition a success. In every case, you must take into consideration what you are likely to spend and ensure you are fairly compensated.

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