Why You Want to Avoid Probate

Probate is a worrisome and stressful process. If you are an executor, you likely will need to miss work to make court hearings. You’ll need to follow very specific steps to process the estate. And, it all comes down to the court’s decisions. Probate without a will is always complex – which is why you should do all you can to avoid it.

Probate Takes Time
Probate without a will in is typically a drawn-out process. Though it may seem to be straightforward, it can take 18 months to two years to complete. Remember, during this time, you still have to maintain the process. And, you will be faced with timeline concerns and costs. Can you sell a house in probate and speed things up? That is not always possible without
the court allowing it.

Probate is Expensive
While it is possible to avoid probate with a will just for the benefit of controlling where assets go, the best reason to avoid probate is to reduce costs. The longer the process is, the higher the costs rise. If you want to preserve the value of the estate – and get the most out of your home if you sell probate house or property – then you want to avoid the process.

Probate Is Public Record

Another key concern for many families is the lack of privacy present. In probate, every detail is documented through the courts. As a result, anyone interested can petition the court for information or check case logs. That means information about the family’s worth, who inherited what, and details of heirs are all exposed. This includes the whole probate house sale process and how much you obtain for the sale of the property.

Probate Is Stressful

It is not uncommon for people to worry about this in itself. It is time-consuming, stressful, and even annoying to deal with probate and the slow process that it is. Can you sell a house before probate and just be done with it? Can you just move on? By taking steps to avoid the probate process, it may be possible for you to speed up this and get on the path to healing from the stresses probate brings.


Probate Can Cause Family Rifts

Even in the most well-managed situation, people are not going to like all the decisions you make. Unfortunately, there is often no clear understanding of what the deceased person wanted. And, even if you do your very best to communicate what you believe those wishes were, some people may become frustrated.

Here’s a common example. You may be asking this. Can you sell an inherited property before probate? Doing this now means you may be able to settle the debt on the property, sell it, and get the funds in hand to split between heirs. However, some people may not want to sell. This can create challenges in even the best families.

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