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Landlords and multi-property owners sell their rental properties to HomeGo for a variety of reasons, such as:

  • Losing money on the property
  • Tenant risks and turnover are too much
  • Capital gains taxes are getting too steep
  • Selling to free up capital
  • Cashing in on appreciation

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HomeGo vs. Traditional Listing

Sale price:$250,000
You evict tenants:Yes
Loss of rental income:$5,000
Avg. days on market:50
Agent commission:$17,500
Repair Costs:$15,000
Closing Fees:$7,500
You pay:$45,000
Sale price:$250,000
You evict tenants:No
Loss of rental income:$0
Avg. days on market:0
Agent commission:$0
Repair Costs:$0
Closing Fees:$0
You pay:$0
**This isn’t a traditional showing, just a home tour. No need to clean, declutter, or leave your home. A HomeGo agent will walk through your home with you.

A New Generation of Home Selling

Do Business with Certainty.

Accredited national company.

Sell with Confidence.

Licensed real estate agents.*

Close with Protection.

State-regulated contracts.

Get an Offer with Clarity.

Fact-based, transparent offers from real estate experts.

Sell Fast.

Sell your house fast and on your schedule. No pressure, no worries.

Easy Process.

Start with a ten-minute walk-through and end with a cash offer.

No Fees.

You never pay commissions to HomeGo like you would an Agent. Which means more cash in your pocket.

No Repairs.

Don’t spend a cent on repairs. We buy your house as-is in any condition.

How HomeGo Works

Selling your home to HomeGo is easy and worry-free. That’s because we make the process simple, clear, and fair.

S T E P 1

Schedule a 10-minute home tour.

A HomeGo licensed real estate agent* will walk through the property with you, explaining the process as we go. If we’re not your best option, we’ll tell you.

S T E P 2

Get an offer on the spot.

Our local real estate experts will assess the market value, factor in repair costs, and prepare a formal offer.

S T E P 3

Close with confidence.

Only HomeGo buys homes with our own money and uses state-regulated contracts and forms to protect sellers, so you can feel certain everything is by the book.

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Meet happy home sellers across the country. Thousands of satisfied homeowners have already sold their home the easy way—to HomeGo!