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Your Local HomeGo Office In Kansas City

HomeGo should be your go-to house buying company if you want to sell your Kansas City home quickly with no hassle. We buy homes in any condition and specialize in properties that are in need of updating, repairs or tender loving care. We are a growing company that purchases homes for cash, allowing sellers to move on and move out according to a time schedule that works for them.

Kansas City is currently considered a hot real estate market. The median home price is just under $200,000, but some properties are hard to sell for a wide variety of reasons. Because HomeGo buys houses for cash, sellers have no need to spend money on repairs or updates. In addition, our process eliminates the tedious concerns of listing and maintaining a show-ready property. Typically, a homeowner can expect a home tour followed by an on-the-spot offer. There is no need to worry about getting the house ready to sell.

A licensed real estate agent will meet you for a home tour and explain the entire process in short order. We factor in the cost of needed updates and repair, but you aren’t obligated to pay any of the associated costs. HomeGo charges no commission, and you don’t have to wait on mortgage approval to close.

We are committed to working with motivated sellers to eliminate the hassle of selling. If you need to move in a hurry for financial reasons, or have an unwanted property, a rental home, inherited property, or an older home in need of extensive updating, consider HomeGo as a resource. We respond quickly to extraordinary needs and unusual requests. In short, we are available to meet you more than halfway to forge a deal that is advantageous to both sides.

We are the largest cash home buying company in the country, with a growing presence is large cities and smaller communities across many states. We understand that every seller has unique concerns, and we are especially suited to working with property that is not a primary residence. Because we use our own funds to purchase properties, there is never a delay based on the need for funding approval. We can move quickly, but we also tailor the timing to correspond to your needs.

If you would like to learn more about HomeGo in the Kansas City area, or you wish to schedule a home tour, contact us today

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