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Although Charlotte, NC, is considered a desirable housing market, there are typically thousands of homes on the market at any given time. With a median price of just under $400,000, competition can be fierce, and the average number of days required to sell can stretch from days to months. Homeowners who want to sell quickly face the added time and expense of properly preparing a home for listing. Then there is the hassle and associated worry of maintaining a home in show-ready condition for an unknown period of time​. The whole process can be frustrating.

There is a better way. HomeGo buys houses for cash, presenting an offer following a simple initial home tour. Closing can occur quickly, sometimes in just a few days. Sellers have the option of scheduling a move-out date or can choose to remain in the home for a month or longer, depending on individual needs.

Our distinctive advantage is that, although all HomeGo agents are licensed professionals, we never charge commission or closing costs, and we never require sellers to use their own funds for property updates and necessary repairs. Because we buy homes for cash with our own money, there is no need to wait for credit reports and mortgage approvals, or for loan processing. There is no need for negotiation with a buyer. Instead, we ease the transition for sellers, no matter what their personal circumstances. We buy homes in any condition.

We specialize in homes that need a little something extra. If you have a rental home leased by an uncooperative tenant, we can act on your behalf. In cases of investment properties or inherited homes, we can speed up the process. If you face foreclosure or financial difficulties, health issues or a need to move quickly because of altered family circumstances or a job transfer, we can ease your worries and act quickly to speed the transition.

Because we know the local market, we can see the possibilities that exist in Charlotte’s diverse neighborhoods, from the charm of historic brick homes to small cottages in need of restoration. 

HomeGo is a rapidly-expanding national firm with a sterling reputation for honesty, fairness, and financial disclosure. We use state-mandated and approved real estate forms and we strive for transparency as well as efficiency in all our dealings. We cooperate with other real estate agents as well and have the ability to work with agents who have listed difficult properties. 

If you have a need to sell quickly, no matter what the reason, we invite you to contact a HomeGo agent for a full explanation of our services and philosophy. We know you’ll be impressed. When you’re ready to schedule an appointment, we will respond promptly, present you with a written offer and move quickly to help you and your family get on with your future plans.

HomeGo is your go-to resource for real estate service in Charlotte, NC.

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