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5 Reasons to Sell Your Empty Nest

The kids are growing up. Finally, right? But now you find yourself with an empty nest— so much unused space. It could be time to downsize and sell your family home. If you’re on the fence

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DIY Projects Gone Wrong

Homeowners are no strangers to their fair share of maintenance woes. When it comes to keeping up with home repairs or making updates before you sell your home, hiring a contractor, plumber or electrician can

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6 Ghost Stories from Haunted Homeowners

Moving day.  A happy, well-to-do family eagerly unloads from their car, excited to begin the next chapter of their lives in their new home. The “Price Reduced: For Sale” sign now reads “Sold.” They were

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Fed Rate Hikes and You

Interest rates are a necessary evil in home loans.  At the same time, they are a complicated mystery for many homeowners. When the Federal Reserve raises interest rates, the whole country takes notice.  What’s this

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