DIY Projects Gone Wrong

DIY Projects Gone Wrong


Homeowners are no strangers to their fair share of maintenance woes. When it comes to keeping up with home repairs or making updates before you sell your home, hiring a contractor, plumber or electrician can rack up quite a bill. So, with to-do lists that seem to never end, we often end up rolling up our sleeves to do the hard work ourselves.

But, as the saying goes, “the best-laid plans of mice and men, often go awry,” and we all learn lessons the hard way. Here are a few of our favorite stories about homeowners who tried to take home repair matters into their own hands.

1) Up plumbing creek without a paddle. 

“Back in 2002, my wife and I moved into a fixer-upper and intended to renovate it for our first family home. I had a little bit of experience when it came to carpentry and contracting, so I thought the house rehab would be no sweat.

What I didn’t take into account was my severe lack of knowledge when it came to plumbing. What started as a small busted pipe turned into a full-out river throughout the whole house. Our house flooded and we were ankle deep in gross, dirty water. It ended up ruining the hardwood floors we hoped to restore. The whole thing set us back much more money than I would like to admit. We eventually ended up having to sell the place for a loss.

We’ve lived in our current house ever since, but to this day she still won’t let me live it down. If I need to make any sort of repairs around the house she’ll drop what she’s doing and say, ‘Wait! I need to get my rain boots!’”

2) A dining room update to drive you up the wall.

“When my daughter turned 10, we decided to wall off the dining room and create another bedroom for her. I read up on how to add an interior wall and all was going well until I started putting up the drywall. I wanted to snap a picture to send to my wife, but my phone was nowhere to be found. Assuming it would turn up sooner or later, so I didn’t really start looking for it until later that night. My wife dialed my cell number and we both heard muffled ringing from the direction of the dining room. I had set my phone down on one of the planks and forgot about it before I put up the plasterboard on the frame. I had walled up my phone.”

3) A do-it-yourself wiring job comes under fire.

All I can say is, the tutorial videos on how to install recessed lighting on YouTube might look simple, but you shouldn’t attempt to do wiring jobs yourself. I thought if I followed all the usual safety guidelines, I would be in the clear. But house fires are no joke. What started as a simple light installation in my kitchen, turned into a five-alarm house fire that damaged a quarter of my home.

4) A new coat of paint shows its true colors.

“My husband and I wanted to give the kitchen a new coat of paint before we listed our house on the market. We decided to paint the walls a soft yellow color and thought the white crown molding and floor tiles would brighten up the place. We had a very strict budget for the updates we had planned for the whole house, so we bought a few cans of yellow paint at a discount. The color looked great at first, and then it dried as a bright, neon yellow. It sure did brighten the room like we wanted, just not in the way that we had hoped. It was an eyesore and we had to repaint the whole kitchen because we kept getting headaches.”

Prevent nightmares like these when you avoid repairs altogether.

It’s likely that you will have to make some repairs and upgrades before you can list your house for sale. Some homeowners decide to do these repairs themselves to save money, but costly mistakes can happen. If your home is old or has existing damage, we don’t blame you for dreading your to-do list. However, there is an option to avoid stress and you don’t have to make a single repair.

HomeGo specializes in buying houses as-is, so you can sidestep costly maintenance, and keep the money you earned. Preview what cash price you will earn for your home without even filling out any paperwork. We can get you a personalized cash offer instantly just by typing in your address.

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