Selling your House As-Is

Your house is a money pit. You know what needs to be done to sell a house, and you know you aren’t ready. You could be dealing with water damage, fire damage, mold, or just plain disrepair. It needs a ton of TLC before you can put it on the market. In fact, your home easily could star in an episode of “Property Brothers” or “Fixer Upper.”

But whether you tackle the repairs yourself or hire someone to do them, how much more sweat equity do you really want to put into your damaged house? You’ve got to carefully consider the time and expense of undertaking a whole host of fixes before putting up the “For Sale” sign.

At a minimum, these are just eight of the projects you’ll likely have to take on if you want to get your “Fixer Upper”-worthy home ready for potential buyers. We’ve included the typical price of each project if you hire a contractor for the job (courtesy of HomeAdvisor and Remodeling magazine):

The High Cost of Common Make-Ready Repairs

1. Fixing the ceilings. Estimated cost: $656.
2. Repairing the walls. Estimated cost: $496.
3. Repairing the refrigerator. Estimated cost: $300.
4. Fixing the HVAC system. Estimated cost: $336.
5. Repairing two leaky faucets. Estimated cost: $482.
6. Replacing raggedy carpeting in two rooms: $3,190.
7. Installing a new roof. Estimated cost: $20,664.
8. Replacing the garage door. Estimated cost: $1,749.

= Grand Total for Make-Ready Repairs: $28,000

For only those eight projects, you’re looking at an estimated price tag of nearly $28,000. Talk about sticker shock! The costs could go up even more if you’ve got more repair work that needs to be done, of course, or if any of the projects turn out to be especially complicated. After all, you never know what could be lurking under old carpet and behind drywall…

Keep in mind that most of these expenses involve repairs. Replacing a refrigerator or an HVAC system, for instance, will add considerably more to the fix-up costs.

Aside from the hefty expenses, think of the time it’ll take to do the repairs yourself (ugh!) or find a reputable contractor for each job (ouch!). Depending on which route you go, you could be looking at weeks or even months of your house being in a constant state of repair.

Even worse: Repair projects typically wind up costing more than you initially thought they would, and torn-apart sections of your house cause stress for you and your family.

There’s an Easy Way to Sell a Damaged House As-Is

So, should you drive yourself up a wall with this fix-’er-up madness, or should you let HomeGo take the reins and let you focus on other stuff (like preparing to settle into your new house or apartment)?

Sure, making repairs to your home could help it sell faster and at a higher price, but are you an interior designer or can you afford one? If you choose the wrong upgrades, paint, or carpet, there’s a chance your efforts could prove worthless and fail to contribute dollar-to-dollar returns. Meanwhile, selling the house as-is saves time and money but could lessen the market value of your property.

But what if there were a solution that’s in between those two options? Well, there is.

HomeGo is the stress-free way to sell a house as-is, even if it has foundation problems. With HomeGo, there’s no need to spend time scheduling repairs or to spend an outrageous sum of money making them yourself.

Remember all those fix-up projects we outlined earlier? After a 10-minute walk-through, HomeGo will assess your home and make you an on-the-spot offer that doesn’t require you to complete any of them.

Your problems become our problems. You don’t need to worry about juggling a bunch of contractors — contractors whose projects often encounter delays or budget overruns.

You can turn your home over to HomeGo as-is and walk away with peace of mind. Rusty car in the backyard? No problem. Roof leaking? You’re off the hook. HomeGo offers convenience, flexibility, and certainty in a process that’s typically inconvenient, inflexible, and uncertain.

A survey by HomeAdvisor found poor workmanship to be the No. 1 concern among homeowners when hiring a contractor for repairs, with that concern being cited by about half of homeowners. Meanwhile, more than one-third of homeowners indicated they’re fearful of fraud when hiring a contractor and roughly 30% worry about the work taking longer than expected.

Who needs all that stress when you can trust your home to HomeGo and not have to deal with even one contractor, hammer, or nail? When there’s a lot that needs to get done to sell your house, you know who to call. Call HomeGo at 866-507-9030 and get a same-day cash offer on your home as-is. You don’t even have to vacuum.

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