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Your Local HomeGo Office In Nashville

Do you need to sell you Nashville home, and sell it fast? Whether you are trying to sell your home to move, or you are trying to get a rental property off of your hands, HomeGo’s Nashville branch can help. Here are some facts about our local office.

We are conveniently located just two blocks from Broadway, Nashville’s most-sought after tourist attraction. This makes it extremely easy for locals to find us. We border the Cumberland River, just across from Titans Stadium.

We typically purchase single-family homes in the greater Nashville area. We service multiple areas including East Nashville, North Nashville, Woodbine, Madison, Old Hickory, and Henderson. We are still young to the game and are looking to expand area and sales this year, however, we were able to make a significant dent in the market during our first few months of operations. Nashville is a booming city with an ever-growing population, and homes continue to be in high demand.

Most of the homes that we purchase need a significant amount of renovation. We aren’t necessarily purchasing homes that just need a coat of paint, like we tend to buy in other areas, but instead, we are buying homes that need a decent amount of internal rehab. We are willing to work with our sellers to make the transaction as easy as possible for them. We do not require that they clean out their homes which differentiates us from many traditional real estate firms and saves the buyer a significant time and cost in the transaction. We also offer temporary occupancy agreements when necessary.

Since we were so warmly welcomed to the Nashville community, it is a priority of ours to give back. We have loved watching the rejuvenation that is occurring as the neighborhoods completely renovate run-down homes. This benefits the neighborhood and helps surrounding property values to rise. It also helps to drive more investors and buyers to the area, which helps the overall economy.

If you need help with selling your home fast in Nashville, TN, HomeGo is the perfect resource for you. We work hard to provide you with a fair cash price for your home as quickly as possible, saving you the headaches of a conventional sale. If this sounds like a good match for you, give us a call today, or feel free to stop by the office.

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