Where Do I Go When I Downsize My Home?

One of the biggest decisions about downsizing is where you’d like your new home to be. For some, downsizing means moving to another home in the same neighborhood or one nearby. For others, it might mean moving to an entirely different area, or even across the country.

If you’re not sure where you’d like your move to take you, here are a few things to consider when making that decision.

Downsizing? Where Should You Move?

Deciding to downsize your house if one decisions. Deciding where to move is an entiring different determination. There’s more to think about than just city and state. You need to consider the type of lifestyle you want and what type of home and community can support that.

Urban Areas
People looking to downsize often find themselves drawn to the amenities of urban living. Cities offer lots of opportunities for community involvement, such as art galleries, museums, music venues, theaters, restaurants, and parks. There’s also an undeniable “vibe” or energy to city life that just can’t be found in any other environment. And of course, cities are also home to lots transportation options — you might even choose to leave your car behind.
Senior Communities
There are lots of senior community options to choose from — including communities designed like small towns or featuring eco-friendly designs, as well as luxury options and communities with built-in activities, like golf courses. One of the biggest benefits of these communities is most take care of all your home and grounds upkeep and maintenance, leaving you with more time, energy, and cash for enjoying your life.
Do you want an easily-accessible town with shops, galleries, and restaurants? A major supermarket or other retailers nearby? Or do you prefer to be surrounded by land with a long drive to your nearest neighborhood market? Do you like to golf, hike, or fish? Think about your favorite leisure activites and choose a neighborhood that supports your lifestyle.
Weather and climate
Tired of the grim, gray days of winter? Or maybe the hot, humid summer months make it hard to get out and about. A dry desert climate might be a good choice if you suffer from asthma. One of the most exciting things about downsizing is that you don’t just get to choose a new home, you can choose an new environment, too.

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