5 Reasons Why You Shouldn’t Resolve to Make House Repairs This New Years

5 Reasons Why You Shouldn’t Resolve to Make House Repairs This New Years

It’s New Year’s again. Time for resolutions, right? If you’re like most people, those resolutions are directed toward self-improvement— lose weight, stick to a budget, read more— most of us make countless lists! Many people also turn home improvement goals, things like fixing the foundation or replacing the carpet, into resolutions. They make “To Do Lists” for the coming year. But you don’t have to begin 2019 with a long list of home maintenance or repairs. Instead, don’t even think about picking up a hammer or screwdriver, just check out these 5 reasons for skipping home repairs this year.

Repairs Are Expensive

Almost every property needs a little work or some minor cosmetic updates. Life happens, and things like broken door hinges and rotting fence posts often take a back seat to daily routine. Some homes need costly repairs— a new roof, perhaps, complete interior repainting, or a kitchen full of shiny new appliances. Whether minor or major, the cost of those repairs can add up fast. Selling a house as is, without making a single repair eliminates both the expense and the stress that go along with making those repairs.

Repairs Take Forever

Home repairs are like highway construction. They’re exciting at the beginning, because you can picture the finished look in your mind, and you know they’ll make your life better. But delays keep occurring; materials aren’t delivered, workers don’t show up, it rains endlessly. What should have taken only two weeks has stretched to 23 days and there’s no end in sight! It begins to feel like those quick fixes will never be finished. Don’t let this be the way you start 2019, when it’s possible to get cash for your home without lifting a single finger to make repairs.

Repairs are Unrealistic

The perfect house does not exist. There will always be a banged-up baseboard, crooked door frame, or roof shingle repair waiting for attention. Attempting to create a show-ready house can be impractical as well as stressful. With jobs, kids, and pets in the mix, it’s a truly exhaustive effort. A house is meant to be enjoyed! There will always be something to fix, so why not enjoy your life to the fullest? Go ahead and truly live in your home, knowing that you can sell your house as is, without even worrying about “curb appeal.” Just leave those repairs to the next owner.

Resolutions Should Be About You

New Year’s resolutions should be about making good choices in the coming year and assuring that good things happen in your life. They should be meaningful and personal, and benefit you all year long. You are more important than those home repairs. If 2019 marks a time of change in your personal life — a new baby on the way, the wish to downsize after the kids have left home, pending retirement, adjustments to your investment portfolio, or selling inherited property, don’t get bogged down by needed repairs on a house you no longer want. Eliminate the uncertainty involved in selling by accepting cash for your home, without any need to make repairs.

The New Year Is Time for a New Start

Selling your house as is with HomeGo could be exactly what you need. Move across country for the new job you want, escape mounting debt with a cash offer, or travel the world without the worry of a house thousands of miles away. It could be the freedom you need to take your life in a new and exciting direction. Rather than making resolutions to repair your house, why not just resolve to sell your house as is? It can help make your new year a happy one!

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