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Do Open Houses Still Sell Homes in 2019?

For decades, open houses have been the go-to marketing tool for real estate agents and homeowners alike wanting to get as many potential buyers through a home as possible. But now that sellers are relying

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condemned house

What Happens to Condemned Houses?

You’ve probably seen it: the dilapidated house with the boarded-up windows and the warning sign on the door. The property has been condemned. But, have you ever wondered how a property ended up in that

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abandoned house

How Do Abandoned Houses Affect My Property Value?

Abandoned houses can be found across the nation in both rural and urban communities of all sizes. In a report released in late 2018 by ATTOM Data Solutions, almost 1.5 million vacant properties could be found nationwide. Vacant and abandoned

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Are Bandit Signs Illegal?

Home sellers may ask are bandit signs and “we buy houses” flyers illegal? It’s a common question and one to consider. Even if the term isn’t familiar, it’s likely you’ve seen bandit signs. From garage sales

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